Pet Adoptions at North Valley Animal Clinic: Home of the Laughlin Nevada Animal Shelter


Whether you would like to add a new puppy or kitten or an older dog or cat to your family, we can help you pick the right pet for you. In addition to being a full-service veterinary hospital, clinic, and kennel, North Valley Animal Clinic is the Animal Shelter for Laughlin, Nevada. Our 6,500 square foot facility houses 24 large dog runs, 12 medium dog runs, an isolation room with six runs, rabies quarantine, and more. We have the capability to house many animals, which gives you a greater selection of pets to choose from.

We work directly with Clark County Nevada Animal Control and the animal control officer in Laughlin, Nevada:

  • The animal control officer delivers lost or abandoned pets to us.
  • Pet owners then have three days to reclaim their animal.
  • After the three day waiting period, the staff at North Valley Animal Clinic attempts to find the dog or cat a good home.
  • If the owner contacts us, but isn’t able to reclaim his or her pet right away, we board the animal in our comfortable and safe kennels.
  • If we are unable to find someone to adopt an animal, we send the dog or cat to Las Vegas, where it will have a greater chance of finding a home.

Each adopted animal receives:

Additionally, we counsel you on how to give your new pet the best nutrition, exercise, and care possible. Call us about adopting your new pet today!

For more information about the benefits of adopting your pet from an animal shelter, please visit Dogs in Danger.